60x60 organic linen pillow in 100% natural latex, choice of thickness


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Organic linen pillow, 100% natural latex of 60x60 cm, firmness medium, thickness to choose. It is proposed to you with its linen case bio, color linen natural. Thickness of choice: 8, 10, 12 or 14 cm. Naturally anti mite and hypoallergenic. Machine washable. French made. 5 Years warranty.

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60x60 Bio Lin Pillow, made of 100% natural latex.



This organic pillow made of 100% natural latex flakes will give you a great feeling of comfort thanks to its large size and the immutable properties of natural latex which make it a high quality product. Indeed, elastic and compressible, it will bring you a precise morphological support, in order to reduce pressure zones.


A 100% natural latex organic pillow is anti-mite, antiallergic and hypoallergenic, so you will be protected against these inconveniences. It will therefore be very appreciated by sensitive people.


Natural latex flakes are not bound together, so you'll enjoy maximum ventilation.


The pillowcase and the pillow are machine washable at moderate temperature. For optimal drying, we advise you to tumble dry at a moderate temperature too.


These organic pillows are exclusively made in France, in our workshops.


Warranty: 8 years.


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