Organic cotton pillow, 60x40, in 100% natural latex

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Cervical pillow, organic cotton latex 100% natural 60x40 cm.

Thickness 8, 10, 12 or 14 cm.

Anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic.

With or without its organic cotton cover.

Machine washable.

Made in France.

Guaranteed 8 years.


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Organic 60x40 cotton pillow, made of natural latex.



There is no secret: a good pillow induces a restorative natural sleep. This latex pillow will provide you the optimal comfort to spend good nights. Designed with natural flakes of elastic latex, this 100% natural latex pillow is ideal for all those who have a fragile sleep and wish to remedy. pillow for cervical, cervical pillow memory of form


It thus combines comfort and malleability, declining in different versions. This organic latex pillow indeed combines different thicknesses that are available to make a custom-made organic pillow, which will adapt to your morphology.


Made in France, natural materials from research supported in small workshops dedicated, here is a pillow organic cotton designed to last, as your nights to come. The 8 year warranty of this product is here to prove it. A pillow organic cotton represents an ethical purchase, responsible, valuing the know-how and the local economy.


This pillow Bio Coton 60x40 is anti mites, it is a prerequisite for its presence on our pages. The organic latex pillows that we propose are famous for their care and aeration, moreover, they are anallergic and hypoallergenic. Accompanied by a removable cotton bio pillowcase, your anti bacterial pillow will be perfect for you to snuggle up warm and calm under your sheets in a healthy and serene way.


In order to sleep well, we can not advise you to opt for a thick pillow corresponding to the way you sleep. A thickness of 10 cm will be cut for those who sleep on the back, a thickness of 12 to 14 cm will be ideal if you sleep on the side. The advantage of natural latex pillows is to be adaptable and adapted to all phases of sleep. Combined with its breathable qualities, the softness of cotton is unstoppable to soothe and envelop your nights.


To maintain your natural latex pillow, you can wash it in the washing machine. As the drying time can be long, we recommend the dryer at moderate temperature.


Our pillows are exclusively made in France, in our workshops.


5 years warranty.



We remain available for any further information at the following address:


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Organic cotton pillow, 60x40, in 100% natural latex
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    Excellents produits. Emballage soigné et livraison très rapide. Nous recommandons.le produit et la Société.

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