Pillows 70x50 organic cotton, 100% natural latex, anti-mite, thickness of choice

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Customizable pillow 70x50 organic cotton filled with 100% natural latex flakes. Choice of thickness: 8, 10, 12 or 14 cm so that it adapts to your morphology and sleeping position.


Naturally anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic.


Available with or without organic cotton pillowcase.


Made in France.


8-year warranty.

natural latex pillow

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Packing100% natural latex flakes
Envelloppe100% organic cotton fabric
Epaisseur8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 14cm
Frame SizePolyester

With your 100%natural latex pillow, your alarm clock will become your worst enemy!




Choosing a Natural Pillow for Gentle Nights 


A good head posture actively contributes to the quality of your sleep. It is essential to be in a comfortable position when you fall asleep, otherwise you will have difficulty falling asleep. A poor neck position can also lead to back pain. By choosing a natural latex pillow, you combine the comfort, softness and environmental qualities of an organic pillow. All our natural latex pillows are made in France.




Why choose a natural latex pillow? 


Latex is a natural material, which comes from the transformed plant juice of the rubber tree. The feel of latex is different from memory foam or duck and goose feathers. A natural latex pillow is more tonic and returns to its original shape more quickly. Unlike a memory foam pillow, which can be quite dense and sometimes feels like burying your head, a rectangular latex pillow will feel lighter and more elastic. While it is suitable for all sleepers, the rectangular pillow will be particularly appreciated by those who like to sleep on their back, because of the support it provides to the neck. 



The rectangular pillows


Why would I prefer a rectangular latex pillow over a square pillow? In addition to being less bulky and more spacious, the rectangular pillow has ideal dimensions for effective support of the cervical vertebrae. Rectangular pillowcases are very easy to find in stores. 



A natural latex pillow


The latex used to make the pillow is entirely natural and the pillowcase that covers it is made of organic cotton. Naturally anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic, it will be ideal for all sensitive people. In addition, choosing the most natural materials for bedding will improve the comfort of your nights. You are also making a gesture for the environment and for yourself because the purchase of a 100% natural latex pillow is part of a sustainable consumption policy. 


Your natural latex pillow can be machine-washed. To dry it thoroughly, we recommend you tumble-dry it at a moderate temperature. Prefer a long drying time at low temperature so that it retains its original softness. 


Our products are made exclusively in France in our workshops.


8 years warranty


The delivery is free in metropolitan France in relay point via Relais Colis. Outside France, we prefer shipping by colissimo (La Poste) so that your order reaches you as soon as possible.

We remain available for any further information at the following address: contact@ets-escot.com.



Our advice to help you in your choice. 

natural latex pillow


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Pillows 70x50 organic cotton, 100% natural latex, anti-mite, thickness of choice
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