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A good night, a successful awakening

Published : 2019-01-03 20:39:14
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    A good night, a successful awakening





Tips and tricks for an energetic awakening



A good night, a successful awakening



A good night's sleep is the guarantee of a gentle awakening. Indeed, to be able to get up early without suffering, one must take care to have a sufficient time of sleep so that the body and the nervous system can regenerate itself. For this, certain gestures and attitudes are necessary to optimize the quality of his sleep.



Establish a ritual before bedtime


In view of their exciting effect, alcohol and coffee are obviously prohibited before going to bed. Physical activities are also to be avoided. This disrupts our internal system and makes sleep even harder to find. That being said, it is important to have a ritual before bedtime. This means that you will get your body used to sleeping at a regular time. For this, it is essential first of all to turn off the screens at least thirty minutes before bedtime. Instead, opt for a quiet activity that will slowly lead your mind towards sleep as well as reading. However, avoid reading too much; they will stimulate your mind, moving you away from your goal: to sleep well in the morning to wake up on the right feet.



Finding your ideal sleep time


The ideal sleep time varies according to each human being. Some people will need eight hours of sleep while others ten hours. It depends. To know your necessary sleep time, you can do a test over a week by varying your bedtime. It will be very easy to deduce the number of hours of sleep from which you feel rested. It will then be necessary to adjust the bedtime according to the sleep time you need. The important thing is to wake up well at the end of a sleep cycle. This is crucial for an awakening in form. Indeed, several phases of 90 minutes succeed each other during our sleep. In the event that you cut your sleep in the middle of a cycle, the alarm clock may turn out to be very difficult. Each sleep cycle is composed of several phases in this order: light sleep, paradoxical sleep, conducive to dreams, and deep sleep. The third phase, deep sleep, is the moment of the most decisive cycle because the body recovers from its physical and intellectual fatigue; hence the importance of not waking up before the end of a cycle. To be in shape when waking up, it will be necessary to accumulate at least five complete cycles.



Set up a healthy comfort for a healthy sleep


To optimize the quality of its nights, do not make the mistake of neglecting the quality of its bedding. Indeed, a recent mattress and box spring and a well adapted pillow will be essential for a good night and therefore a good day from the beginning. Opting for a natural latex pillow can be an added bonus for your comfort. Indeed, latex is a natural material, which gives it anti-allergic virtues naturally. The latex pillow combines comfort and naturalness, ideal for a healthy sleep. You can customize and choose the thickness of the natural latex pillow depending on your usual sleeping position. Thus, pregnant women, who often struggle to find a certain comfort of sleep, sleep on the side or in fetal position. These are indeed the positions to get pregnant. To adapt to these two positions of sleep, they will have to favor a rather dense thickness for their natural latex pillow.





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