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Arrangement of a child's room to facilitate falling asleep

Published : 2020-07-30 17:31:24
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Children's room




All about the layout of a child's room


We all know that the bedding we use has a big impact on the quality of sleep, but the layout of the room also plays an important role, especially when it comes to a child's sleep. Indeed, an ancestral method of Chinese origin has highlighted the presence of energies that circulate in space. Thus, the layout of a room can influence serenity and well-being. But then, how to properly arrange your child's room in order to avoid difficulties falling asleep while ensuring relaxation? We reveal everything to you through this article.




Fitting out your child's room according to Feng Shui


Feng Shui is a Chinese design technique based on the energies that surround us and the living environment. It aims above all to achieve fulfilment and well-being. Thus, improving the layout of a room brings a better quality of life for the occupants, thus acting on the sleep cycle. It is for this reason that many parents adopt this method to produce an energetic dynamic that is beneficial to the rest and calm of the child in the nest. Thus, this solution helps the baby to sleep well at night.

However, a room fitted out according to this Chinese method does not necessarily guarantee a perfect sleep for the baby. On the other hand, the results can quickly play on the sleep routine, stress and lack of sleep.

In addition, a room where energies circulate freely necessarily promotes the baby's well-being and sleep. So, if following these principles can have a positive effect on the quality of a child's sleep, why deprive yourself of it?




How to arrange the child's room according to this Chinese method?


Now that you are informed about the main advantages of the Chinese layout, do you want to adopt it to embellish the decoration of your child's room? However, you should know that this is done step by step, with the help of a specialist. In any case, it should be specified that your child's bedroom will ideally be far from the kitchen or living room as this may disturb his sleep.

For the furniture, you must of course place the bed, which is the major element of the bedroom. So that your baby feels safe and secure to sleep peacefully, the bed should be placed where he can see the door. That said, the crib should always be placed facing the door with the head of the bed against a wall.

As for other furniture such as chests of drawers, tables, etc., choose furniture with rounded corners, as this is the guarantee of its safety. Moreover, furniture that is too large should be avoided, because you should always reserve a small space for the little one to play in.




Children's room




What about room decoration?


The bedroom is the place where your baby will grow up. So, between the placement of the bed and other furniture, the choice of bedding and the natural latex pillow, you must also give major importance to the decoration of the interior. So start by choosing colours that will stimulate your little one's spirit, without overdoing it. That said, use soft colours to soothe his mind and especially his sleep.

Therefore, white remains a sure value, but you are free to bet on pastel colours such as nile green, pale pink, peach and others. Also, it is important to add some brighter "yang" touches.




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