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Easily regain sleep after confinement:

Published : 2020-05-09 07:00:04
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How do you sleep well after confinement?

Confinement has altered the sleep cycle of many people. However, it is now important to gradually return to one's biological clock at the announcement of deconfinement. Indeed, normal life will return to normal in a little while. But, what are the solutions to succeed in returning to a normal sleep cycle? 


Why did the confinement lead to a sleep disorder?

Before finding a solution, the causes of sleep disturbance during confinement should be investigated. First of all, there is an impact related to ambient anxiety and confinement. For some people, this leads to shorter sleeps or insomnia. Waking up during the night is also to be reported. The sleep cycle is also altered as social relationships begin to fail. In addition, the Circadian clock or the body's internal clock is no longer able to adjust to a day. As a result, many people sleep at irregular hours. Lack of sunlight or exercise can also affect the body clock. All of these elements will be difficult to manage after confinement. 

Gradually resynchronize

A few days before the announced date of deconfinement, your body should be readjusted to its old biological clock. To do this, it is advisable to take advantage of sunlight in the morning to energize the body. Even if it is still difficult to get up early, you can use an alarm clock. Then, you need to get back to your old life before confinement. For example, you may consider taking an early morning shower or preparing breakfast. However, the most important thing is to go out on your balcony, garden... To sleep well, you must also forget about electronic devices two hours before bedtime. Computers or smartphones can interfere with your sleep because of their radiation, which will impact your brain. 

Use good pillows

Using good pillows will also help you sleep well. The latter will be of quality with comfortable and natural pillows. For this, you can use a natural latex pillow. Latex is an elastic material made from the rubber tree. The pillow will provide optimal cervical support. The user will thus be protected against torticollis problems. The pillow can be soft or tonic. Moreover, you will have an additional comfort thanks to its swelling shape. Since it is a natural material, latex is antibacterial. This minimises the risk of allergies for the user. In addition, the latex pillow is perfectly ventilated to limit perspiration. 

Sleeping in the dark

Darkness conditions the access to slow and light sleep. The latter occurs after the falling asleep stage. Total darkness in the bedroom will help the brain to synchronize the alternation between day and night. In fact, darkness will push the brain to sleep and inaction. Total darkness will also promote the secretion of melatonin. This is the sleep hormone. It is secreted during the night from the moment the eyes begin to observe the darkness. The eyes will then send messages to the brain indicating that it is night to control the production of melatonin in the pineal gland. 

Check the room temperature

Heat can interfere with sleep. In concrete terms, overheating will impact on thermoregulation. The latter helps to balance heat production and loss. For your information, the body temperature cools down during sleep while it rises during wakefulness. A temperature of 18-19°C is sufficient to help the body sleep peacefully after confinement. In addition, you should forget about exciting substances such as caffeine or foods rich in vitamin C.

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