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Feng shui invites itself in our bedroom

Published : 2019-01-01 12:52:26
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le feng shui dans votre chambre



Sleep well: put the odds on your side:



How to find a restful sleep while for years you fight against insomnia. This is a question you ask yourself and we will try to answer. Opt for feng shui; adopt small rituals; have good eating habits respect your sleep pattern.



Feng Shui: Make up a Zen room


Born in ancient China, feng shui is a philosophy based on the magnetic field of yin and yang. This ancestral belief, even though it has not yet been validated, seems to interest more and more science.
It would be interesting to look at a redevelopment of your habitat to better explore the benefits on your sleep.
Feng Shui is based on the duality between yin and yang for
thousands of years. It is an art of living that brings us back to duality, origin of life,
of the universe. The yin and the yang, according to Chinese philosophy, make it possible to find a peaceful, serene living space. It will allow you to feel good, in balance with yourself. The yin represents the night, the moon, the femininity, the cold and the yang the day, the sun, the masculine and the hot. We have an interaction between two interdependent components.
The feng shui will consist of arranging your interior by harmonizing these two energies with a dominant for one of the two, according to the room in which you are.
According to the feng shui belief the head of the bed should be facing north and against the wall. The feet should not face the door and it should ideally open from the inside. It is advisable to leave space between the bed and the floor in order to let energy circulate.
Opt for cold colors such as white because the room must have a dominance yin.



Instill small rituals and forget the bad ones


Remember to take a hot bath to relax and lower your internal temperature. You will thus promote your sleep. Forget the sport and the excitants after 16h. Close all your TV screens as well as smartphone or computer. The light that they diffuse disturbs the falling asleep.
Light dinner but do not go to bed hungry, you may be woken up by stomach cramps.
Do small relaxation exercises in the evening, combined with breathing, they will help you to sleep.



Adopt a diet that promotes sleep


Adopt some small end-of-meal rituals such as drinking a lime tree or hot milk to finish your dinner. Milk, from the amino acid it contains, will participate in the manufacture of serotonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. And finally, eat a banana, rich in tryptophan it will facilitate falling asleep.



Respect your sleep cycle


Know how to listen to your body when it tells you stop. If you feel a need to sleep is that you start a sleep cycle, there is no point fighting, you would only shift your sleep until the next cycle.
Sleeping helps maintain your memory, your concentration. It is therefore important to give yourself a little time to give yourself the chance to spend a peaceful night with enough time to feel rested and start a new day in shape.



feng shui in your bedroom



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