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How to sleep better despite an allergy to pollen

Published : 2019-03-31 16:35:36
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Optimize the quality of your sleep in case of pollen allergy



How to sleep better despite an allergy to pollen



Sneezing, swollen eyes, throat irritation and runny nose are all symptoms that most often reflect an allergic reaction to pollen. These allergenic symptoms have serious consequences on the quality of sleep. They tend to cause multiple nocturnal awakenings due to an obstructed respiratory system. The immune response provided to them is also a major troublemaker for the regulation of sleep. In order to regain a quality of virtuous sleep, it is necessary to keep the allergens at a distance. However, given its omnipresence in this season, it seems difficult to stay away from pollen. Here are some tips to limit the allergic reaction caused by pollen on the body.



Purify your nasal passages

In contact with allergens, their particles tend to nestle in our nasal passages, which causes inflammation. The nose becomes clogged and swollen, sometimes leading to sinus infection. Nasal irrigation can then be undertaken to unclog the airways by removing particles that are housed. For that, it is enough to bring water, salt, and a small syringe with pear to get in pharmacy. Following the development of the saline solution, simply dip the tip of the syringe to suck a certain amount that will be injected into each nostril, gently relaxing the pear. In addition, it is also possible to use a saline solution in the form of a nasal spray. It allows use at any time of the day and night.



Invest in a hypoallergenic pillow

Without your knowledge, your pillow may exacerbate your allergy. Getting a certified hypoallergenic pillow is a powerful asset to minimize an allergy. It is hermetically sealed, which prevents harmful substances from settling on and entering the fibers. It prevents allergic reactions and minimizes their harmful effects on your sleep. A hypoallergenic ear can make all the difference to soothe your nights. It is also very easy to maintain, whether cleaning or drying. This ensures your bedding a perfect hygiene. Hypoallergenic bedding also has an environmental benefit. The production of hypoallergenic fibers is accompanied by sustainable agricultural processes, which confirms it in an ecological approach.



Shower with Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus essential oil is composed of a large amount of 1,8-cineole. It is a molecule famous for its expectorant and mucolytic properties. In other words, it promotes the rejection of clogging particles within the airways. The use of this essential oil is therefore particularly recommended in case of ENT problems due to pollen allergy. To benefit from its benefits on your allergy, it is very comfortable to use it in the shower. For that, start by creating steam in your bathroom by opening the shower. Then you will need to pour a dozen drops of Eucalyptus on a washcloth and add your usual shower gel. Then, wash the whole body. Your nasal passages will be liberated and your throat soothed. Note that it is advisable to take a shower just before bedtime to wash all the pollen particles gathered on you during the day. This will prevent the presence of pollen in your room. As well as using a towel and bed linen dried in the dryer. In fact, drying your clothes in the open air greatly favors the deposition of pollen particles. Without knowing it, you thus contaminate your whole house and maintain your allergies. Using a tumble dryer is therefore of great interest to find peaceful nights.



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