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How works our internal clock?

Published : 2019-01-18 18:12:05
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How works the internal clock?




Our biological clock and the sleep :



We cross approximately a third of our life to sleep. The importance of a quality sleep is essential for our health and the smooth running of our body. Many of us admit to have limited problems of sleep: difficulties falling asleep or frequent night-awakenings. Others resort daily to sleeping drugs. It is our biological clock which regulates the alternation the day before / sleep. But how does she work?



What the clock interns?


Called clock circadian, it is an internal structure settled to the day which indicates to our body what he has to make. She imposes him rhythms as the succession of the periods of activity and the sleep, but she also regulates the body temperature, the hormonal secretion, the heart rhythm, the renal function and the respiratory frequency.
This clock which is situated in our brain at the level of the hypothalamus is non-stop connected outside. She detects through the retina the intensity of the light and settles so at the good hour. But this synchronization can be pushed aside by different rhythms of life bound to working schedules or to social life of each.



What unsettles our biological clock?


First of all the work: the night workers or in staggered hours are the most affected. The fact of changing every week the hour of bedtime disrupts strongly our body.
Then, the development of screens, internet and social networks: we remain to connect more and more for a long time, what pulls a lack of sleep and the insomnias particularly at the young people.
The stress: the sources of stress are multiple (the work, the family, the money, the children). Relax before going to bed, stop quite activity one hour earlier. Do not watch TV in your room, read little and make the space.
The age: the more we age, the more we tend to lie down early and to get up early.



How well to sleep?



To sleep better, take advantage of the natural light from the rise. Two hours before bedtime, put out every your screens of computer, tablet and smartphone. Make the total black in your bedroom and do not overheat, a temperature of 18-19 ° is enough. Look after your bedding, sleep on a quality mattress. So you find more easily a repair sleep.


Practise the light therapy

Sessions of light therapy can help you to mitigate the lack of sun, it consists in exposing itself under lamps of high intensity. It's better to ask advice from your doctor before using them.


Eat at regular hours

Our body assimilates food differently according to the moment of the day. Take a robust breakfast to start well the day and a meal balanced in noon. In the evening, avoid dishes fat and the alcohol which digest more slowly and pull a lower-quality rest.



How well to sleep in spite of staggered hours?


By going home from work, take a fresh shower which will lower the temperature of your body and will facilitate the falling asleep. Add a nap a little later. Make the complete darkness in the room, close the door to avoid the noise and cut the telephone. The light therapy can also help your body fill up with luminosity.

Well to sleep is essential to remain healthy. A quality sleep allows the brain to be reorganized and to rest, it strengthens our memory and favors the learnings.



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