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Influence of Moon on Sleep

Published : 2019-01-23 11:06:54
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The moon and the sleep




Influence of the lunar cycle on sleep



Myths about the impact of the lunar cycle on life in general, and on sleep in particular, are constantly being talked about. Focus on this topic for a better clarification of realities.



Scientific studies conducted by specialists


Several studies conducted by different teams of specialists have confirmed that the lunar cycle really has an impact on the quality of sleep. It is especially during the full moon period that the disturbances could be observed. These retrospective studies carried out by scientists from the University of Budapest (Sleep Medicine magazine) and by the Swiss (Current Biology) gave real results, well quantified, that is to say quantifiable. It has been found that the cerebral activity of the brain is down by 30% during the nights of full moon, the same goes for deep sleep. In addition, other highlights have been observed. Indeed, people tend to take longer to sleep, that is to say, they do not sleep at the same time, but rather 5 minutes later, or more for some. The duration of sleep is shorter than usual. People sleep 20 minutes less. Sometimes even, sleep is agitated, which can affect the performance, health and life in general of the person.



The reasons for this influence


According to scientific hypotheses, several factors can explain these facts. A priori, the change of gravitational force can be the cause. But that's not all because changes in the electromagnetic field can also cause sleep disorders. The increase in brightness can affect the psychological state of people. Research continues to either confirm these hypotheses or find verifiable causes that scientists can really rely on.



Give yourself the means to sleep well during full moon nights


The troubles experienced during the full moon is a natural phenomenon that everyone can suffer. Unraveling the solution to get around it and get a good sleep is essential. It is important to have a good bedding set for comfort. Mattress, pillow, everything must be cozy. Other than that, a good bath, a light dinner and a sweet atmosphere are effective to promote falling asleep.





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