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Sleep well despite the stress

Published : 2019-04-11 19:08:01
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Sleep well despite the stress



Sleep well despite the stress



White nights? Most people who are permanently seized with anxiety have trouble falling asleep easily. Numerous case-finding studies have also witnessed the relationship between stress and insomnia. Here are some tips that can help people with this disorder to better overcome it.



The consequences of activities under heavy pressure


Insomnia disorders are often seen in some individuals with stress. Workers under pressure in perpetuity, housewives subjected to heavy tasks, students forced to tons of homework are the most affected by this fact. This insomnia probably leads to bad moods the next day and a disability observed in the tasks to be performed each day. It could even have serious health consequences over long periods of time.



The importance of sleep


In a word, it is one of the vital components of human life. It occupies a very important place because of the time it mobilizes, about a third of a whole day. It is necessary for the maintenance of the physical, psychic or mental balance of every human being: man, woman or child. In addition, it helps memorize the data perceived by the brain and increases the ability to learn new things very quickly. It also acts on the immune system by intensifying the body's defenses.



Tips to remember


To sleep well, an adult needs an average of 7 to 8 hours of rest for one night a day. To do this, there are many parameters that can help to achieve this goal.



A natural latex pillow


The pillow is the essential friend of sleep admirers. Therefore, it is important to take into account its constituent materials to be able to enjoy the long hours that offers a softened night. A natural latex pillow can ensure comfortable comfort and ease to any test, taking its owners to the center of dreams.



Stop the sweets


A high level of insulin present in the blood by the administration of too sweet foods acts systematically on the brain. Indeed, increasing blood sugar levels causes the body to produce more benefits from cortisol and adrenaline (which is the hormone of anxiety). Therefore, being anxious, eating sweets is not the solution for a good night's sleep.



Turn off the lights


Brightness plays a vital role in falling asleep easily. Apart from the anxiety that already gnaws the mind, the effects of lights prevent the body from resting entirely. Indeed, the body detects the rays emitted by a light source. To make him understand that it is time to sleep, one must create a calm atmosphere with moderate contrast.



Take anti-stress


In Japan, researchers from Tsukuba University have developed a product to sleep well despite stress. In fact, octacosanol is a molecule that reduces the level of cortisol present in the blood. Apparently, it has no side effects and acts spontaneously on the brain.



Sleeping pills


If anti-stress is not enough, sleeping pills are recommended. Most French people need medicine to find rest. It should still take into account the age before administering to someone this type of drug. To do this, it is advisable to consult the advice of a medical specialist who could prescribe doses adapted to the body of each individual.



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