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Sleep well during pregnancy

Published : 2018-12-19 21:30:24
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     Sleep well during pregnancy




Hormones, tiredness, rounded belly ... Not easy to sleep well for a pregnant woman! However, some tips and advice can help you get back to sleep to welcome your baby in great shape. Take care of yourself every day, at every stage of pregnancy



The quality of your sleep is related to the well-being and balance of your days.


On a daily basis, a few simple rules will help you sleep in the evening with peace of mind. Physical exercise is well known for fighting sleep disorder. During the day, move and breathe: walking and soft sports will be good for your body and your head. Watch your diet by following a few basic principles. Avoid consuming too much tea or coffee, especially after 3 pm, and prefer herbal teas and infusions. After lunch, if you feel tired climbing, do not forbid a nap. As long as it lasts no more than 20 minutes, it can only be beneficial without harming your sleep cycle. In the evening, it is better to dine as lightly as possible. Some foods should be avoided to promote good digestion: spices, fatty dishes, raw vegetables ... The ideal is also to have taken the time to digest before bed (count about two or three hours): poor digestion is often the cause of a sleep problem.

Finally, having a regular rhythm can only encourage a good sleep. Allow yourself to sleep long, sleep early and sleep as late as possible. It is essential to sleep at least six hours a night.



Make the bedtime enjoyable


Take time for yourself and have fun. Moisturize your body, do some breathing relaxation exercises, or take a bath. It's also a good time to relax tensions with massages. These little rituals will help you to approach the night soothingly.

In your bed, apply yourself to find a nice posture. The pillows are there to help you! In case of gastric difficulties, raise the top of your body. The last few months, the belly becomes very bulky. Sleep on your left side by placing a pillow between your thighs and another under your belly. Another simple advice to sleep well: invest in a natural latex pillow.



In case of insomnia, do not panic!


Pregnancy and insomnia often go hand in hand: do not feel guilty, it is not surprising to have concerns when you are pregnant, and it is very common to sleep badly. The cause insomnia is indeed often related to this event upheaval that pregnancy. If stress strikes you in the night, get up and find a nice way to get away from worries. Sit comfortably in an armchair, and read. As soon as you feel tired you win, go back to your bed. If these nighttime anxieties and sleep problems persist, discuss with your doctor occasionally, who may advise you to be gentle with homeopathy.




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