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The impact of screens on your sleep

Published : 2019-01-27 18:23:06
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   the impact of screens on your sleep.




The nuisance caused by screens before going to bed :



Screens and sleep, a bad association:



The use of tablets, computers, phones, ... harms the quality of sleep because they disturb the biological clock and lengthen the time to fall asleep.


It has now become instinctive, in the morning, on waking, the smartphone or tablet have become one of the first thing we look at. And unfortunately, it is the same in the evening, and that is what will prevent a fast falling asleep.


Our internal clock or biological rhythm is a 24h cycle of one's cue is light. Staying awake in front of a screen that will diffuse intense light will prevent the release of melatonin by the brain. This neurohormone is essential for sleep and the triggering of its secretion is the absence of light.


Studies conducted by the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance have shown that you can fall asleep faster if you do not use electronic devices one hour before going to bed. This disruption of the internal clock, caused by screens that degrade the quality of sleep, affect one in three French people resulting in lack of alertness, concentration, overweight, weakening of the immune system, etc …




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