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the impact of waves on sleep

Published : 2018-12-23 17:56:30
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the impact of waves on sleep      


The impact of electromagnetic waves on sleep



Insomnia remains an increasingly recurrent problem these days. It affects about one in three people, one-third of the population. The reasons for this situation are of several kinds among which stress, anxiety, anxiety, taking products such as coffee before bedtime, lack of comfort during sleep (poorly ventilated room, too hot, discomfort material sleeping, etc ...). But one of the biggest factors behind this phenomenon is currently linked to these electromagnetic waves that invade us on a daily basis.



Are electromagnetic waves factors of insomnia?


For more than twenty years, the field of telecommunications knows a remarkable boom which leads us daily, to the permanent use of laptops, mobile phones and other tablets and materials using WiFi technology. These devices, for communication, use communication protocols that transmit waves through appropriate relay antennas. These microwaves are able to influence the functioning of your body by causing such disorders, insomnia, lack of concentration, and others.



The source par excellence of disturbances.


The mobile phone particularly, and whose use has really become widespread, is one of the first sources of exposure to microwaves because of its rather frequent use. Indeed, even in standby, it constantly emits signals, creating an electromagnetic field. This created field is a disruptive element of sleep, because it is likely to modify its quality. A habit that accentuates the danger is the mania, during his sleep, to keep this tool permanently placed on the bedside table or buried under the pillow.
The intensive use of the phone or its immediate and permanent proximity modifies the secretion of melatonin, which has a disruptive effect on sleep. Indeed, this hormone, often referred to as "sleep hormone" regulates the biological rhythm. It is secreted by the brain in response to the absence of light. Melatonin also suffers the effects of various electronic devices such as TVs and others that emit a light called "blue light" that decreases the secretion, which leads us undoubtedly to lack of sleep.
Indeed, it has been scientifically demonstrated that exposure to an electromagnetic field reduces by 80% the secretion of melatonin, which causes certain effects such as sleep disorders, including insomnia, nervousness and irritability, as well as a state of almost permanent stress.


The microwave syndrome.


Mobile telephone relay antennas, often installed close to homes in built-up areas, expose thousands of individuals to electromagnetic waves, leading to a pathology known as "microwave syndrome". This pathology leads the individual to awaken awakenings each night, and this at specific times, and other disturbances such as the disappearance of dreams during sleep.



How to protect yourself from electromagnetic fields


To avoid disturbances of electromagnetic waves, the ideal solution is to create in his room the ideal place for a sleep without disturbance. It would thus be necessary to strive to remove all equipment emitting electromagnetic waves, to ban the use of televisions and other devices. It should also disconnect during the night, all the equipment used in the day and could be transmitters of microwaves or generators of blue light.
Very important element, make sure to use appropriate sleeping material (pillow, mattress etc ...), which would allow you to benefit from the appropriate conditions of comfort for a good night's sleep.



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