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The nap, an asset for both children and adults.

Published : 2019-03-31 16:41:26
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The benefits of a nap on our body :


The benefactions of the nap



Contrary to popular belief, siesta is not reserved for a category of age or people. It is often said that it is for children, the elderly or the lazy. Although his practice is sometimes frowned upon, the nap is excellent for health.



The nap is a short sleep phase, its ideal duration is between 10 and 30 min and its optimal time slot is between 13 and 15h. Sleep specialists estimate that its optimal duration is 20 minutes because it restores energy and mental alertness, without harming sleep. Beyond 30 minutes, it can cause waking problems, the time of the latter will be longer (this type of nap is to book for the weekend).



The beneficial effects of a nap on health:


- As for sleep in general, it promotes memorization and concentration.
- It has the ability to reduce the level of stress-related hormones.
- She participates in muscle recovery.

- A nap helps to lower blood pressure and therefore reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.



For several years now, companies have been taking into account the positive effect of the nap in Japan, some of which makes it even mandatory. At Google for example, rooms have been designed so that employees can sleep because the nap has the ability to improve responsiveness and performance.



In conclusion, this course of rest taken during the day, has many qualities. Whether it is a period of sleep proper, or deep rest. The heat is conducive to this time of rest and is not directly related to lunch or digestion. To practice it, so that it is restorative (10-20min), we advise you to find a position without point of tension and in a calm environment (sitting at the desk, lying on the ground, in the car, ... ).



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