The various phases of the sleep

Published : 2019-01-03 18:07:06
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   The various phases of the sleep



The various phases of the sleep



The sleep has a complex mechanism. He plays on our state, and bad to sleep puts us often in a bad mood. Golden, good to understand his joints would allow to put in perspective and to understand where hide the dysfunctions and so what it is advisable to change or to adapt to sleep better.



Various phases by cycles


Every night, between 4 and 6 cycles of sleep of 90 minutes each follow one another. So, at the end of one hour and a half, a moment of semi-awakening happens and separates a cycle of the following one. The latter each are consisted of four different phases some of the others.



The falling asleep


The falling asleep is the outcome of the relaxation of the body. He is conditioned by the light which influences the secretion of melatonin, hormone allowing to doze off. Muscles relax, the spirit calms down, the breath and the heart rhythm slow down. We can characterize him as the transition between the awakening and the sleep, and it is essential that he is made in the best possible conditions to guarantee the quality of the sleep to come.



The light REM sleep


This phase corresponds to a light sleep which a mere nothing could come to disturb. Indeed, at this stage, a light lives or sudden rumours can easily wake us. Thus our sensibility to the outside environment is raised but the body keeps nevertheless relaxing. It is the beginning of the recovery. This type of sleep represents more or less half of what are established our nights. The fact that the sleep relieves with the age is bound to the increase of the part taken by this phase during the ageing.



The deep REM sleep


During this phase, us, sleepers, are much more difficult to pull arms of Morpheus. The muscular activity almost stopped, the blood pressure is stable, the physical temperature falls clearly, the heart rhythm and the breath work in slow motion. We are totally cut by the world and sometimes, we dream. It is during this period when the physical recovery is the most important. She also plays an important role in the secretion of certain hormones - such as the growth hormone at the child - or still in the strengthening of the immune systems and in the quality of the memorization. This phase lasts longer during the cycles of the beginning of night.



The REM sleep


It is when we are in full REM sleep, that is at the end of a cycle, about which we are the most inclined to dream and especially to dream about things among which we be going to remember ourselves upon awakening. The name comes from the paradox to note between a body in the complete rest, in the no muscle tone and the brain at the level of activity almost upper to the one that it presents when we are awakened. It pulls uncontrolled movements, shivers on the face and eyes under eyelids, increased cardiac activity and stronger breath. Thus there is also a paradox between the shown signs of awakening followed immediately by signs of a sound sleep.
Contrary to the deep REM sleep, the duration of the REM sleep dresses more and more importance while the night moves forward. It is him who assures the majority of the process of memorization of elements learnt during the day, and preservation of mental one healthy and well-balanced one thanks to its action on the nervous system.



The transition between two cycles


After that, there follows a period of awakening which we are scarcely aware of and which ends immediately at the beginning of a new cycle, or we wake up entirely and the re-sleep is then difficult.



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