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What should you go to bed with?

Published : 2019-04-11 21:26:00
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The hour ideal of bedtime for a good recovery.

Most of people sleep during the hours which have most sense for their professional, family and social life. Their times of awakening are largely determined by these responsibilities and commitments, while when they are going to sleep, often depend on their personal preferences and on evening activities.

You boast of how you can work effectively with only 4 hours of sleep?

Then let me guess - your efforts regarding health and regarding fitness do not generate a maximal return on investment. Is it exact?

Let us see seeing what the science has to say:

The chronic limitation of the sleep pulls a greater consumption of food with high glycemic indication, in particular the desserts / sweets. He can cause changes in the eating habits which increase the risk of obesity and associated morbidity.

The lack of sleep could decrease your levels of antioxidants and weaken your immune system.

Or as the optimal quantity of sleep (that is not too little or too much) can reduce the risk of cancer, cerebrovascular accident and heart disease.

What is the number of hours of optimal sleep?

Most of the adults need from seven to new hours of sleep a day, it is a datum. Determine how obtain this datum is another history. If you have to get up at 7:00 am, you can count eight hours behind and settle the hour from bedtime till 11:00 pm. It is a good starting point, but there are individual variations as regards the best hours of sleep. For example, certain people are larks (morning type), whereas others are owls (night lover), and others else are between these models. What you are depends on your individual circadian rhythm, your clock interns of 24 hours(12 pm) which regulates the slumber, the vigilance and the diverse physical functions(offices).

In other words, there is no unique magic schedule which suits to everybody. The best approach is to make correspond your times of sleep to your physiological rhythms and to obtain seven at nine o'clock of sleep which you need regularly.

How to find the ideal moment to close the eye?

But there are optimal windows of opportunity, by beginning with bedtime between 8:00 pm and midnight. With this window of bedtime and your time of predetermined awakening(alarm clock), experiment with light variations and see what works well for you. If you wake up one hour before your alarm starts, try to move a little later; also, if you go to lie down(to go to bed) and if you are awake, trying desperately to put to sleep you during more than 20 minutes, you try maybe to fall asleep too early. On the other hand, if you have difficulty in remaining awake till the hour of bedtime, try to move him a little earlier.

When you discovered the optimal hours of sleep which suit you, keep them constant during the days of the week and the ends of the week, what will help you to respect the internal schedule of your body. It will allow you to fall asleep more easily night after night and to obtain a good quality sleep which will help you to feel you and to work of your best.

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