Tell us how you sleep!



Sleeping well is essential for your body, it's a unique and very important moment that allows your body to regain its balance, and in memory of being in top form. A good quality of sleep provides many energy elements: regulation of the heart rate, fight against the permanent stress and a restful sleep favors the concentration throughout the day. All these benefits that your night provides, also depend on the quality of your pillow. In other words, choosing your pillow contributes to a good quality of sleep and comfort in the daily well being.



Choose our 100% natural organic personalized pillows and the joy of sleeping will return


There is a wealth of different qualities. However, all pillows can not produce the same effects and do not guarantee you the same durability in comfort as the one we offer. Aware of the challenge, we provide you with a custom-made organic pillow, made in France, wrapped in organic cotton or organic linen and whose thickness is personalized according to your morphology and the different sleeping positions that you adopt in your bed.



What thickness do you need?


Do you lie on your back, on your stomach or on your side? no more worries to make you. The 100% natural latex pillow is perfectly adapted according to its thickness to all kinds of positions. You have the freedom to choose what suits you best.

For those who lie on their stomachs as well as for young children, the thickness of 8 cm will be the most appropriate.

If you like to sleep on your back, we recommend thicknesses 10 cm. This pillow will protect and fill the hollow of your neck by creating a perfect synergy between your head and the spine.

Sleeping on the side facilitates blood circulation, improves the work of our organs and is beneficial for the body. Taking into account your morphology, a thickness of 10 to 12 cm is more suitable for people who like to sleep on the side because it will bring them more freshness and relaxation in sleep.

Still called pillows of rest, the pillows whose thickness is 14 cm are especially adapted to the moments of reflection, reading before bedtime.



100% natural latex, quality always makes the difference.


The natural latex as we use it in the making of  pillowscushions and bolsters, is naturally anti mite and hypoallergenic. The use of this material is part of a sustainable consumption policy.



Cotton or linen?


The firmness felt will be different depending on the chosen pillow on two pillows of identical size and thickness. Linen is woven tighter than cotton, this difference in weaving will have the impact of making the pillow firmer when it is equipped with an organic linen case. Flax is a hollow fiber, this will help refresh your pillow.