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Natural latex pillow: a use of organic linen



Among the world’s oldest vegetable uses, flax is now used for its fibres in the manufacture of natural latex pillows.



A French production for superior pillow quality



Produced in France to the tune of 70,000 hectares throughout the territory, the freshness of flax is highlighted for a natural latex pillow. The natural fiber of the plant gives it great resistance as well as longevity. The fabric is thus obtained from fibres extracted from the flax and then spun.



Guaranteed comfort for your sleep



For a pillow, the material adapts particularly since it allows to offer a comfort to the user. The plant’s soft yet solid character promises quality sleep. On the freshness side, the moisture absorption of the material makes the fabric perfectly dry and is therefore more pleasant.



An organic material to respect the environment



Made from agricultural crops, natural fibre gives pillows an organic and environmentally friendly look. Together with an organic pillowcase, the set promises respect for natural resources. The linen used in the making of your pillow is part of a sustainable and responsible consumption policy. 

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