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Pillowscushions and bolster in 100% natural latex





Customized 100% natural latex cutting




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  • Well sleep during the pregnancy

    Sleep well during pregnancy

    Hormones, tiredness, rounded belly ... Not easy to sleep well for a pregnant woman! However, some tips and advice can help you get back to sleep to welcome your baby in great shape...

  • The sleep of night workers.

    How to sleep well when working at night

    Men are scheduled to live the day and sleep during the night. However, many professions force us to adopt the opposite rhythm, harming our physiology. Here are some tips to better manage this atypical sleep cycle.

  • The coffee and the sleep

    How does caffeine affect our bodies?

    Caffeine is the psychoactive substance that comes first in terms of consumption on a daily basis in the world. Many of us start our day with a cup of delicious hot coffee or to accompany our breakfast...

  • Le sens caché de nos rêves

    How does the brain do to remember certain dreams?

  • Night epilepsy, how to react?

    Nocturnal epilepsy, how to cope ?

    Epilepsy is an unpredictable disease, its trigger is still quite unknown scientists. Its manifestation is often disturbing especially for those who attend the scene like the relatives for example...

  • The impact of waves on our sleep.

    The impact of electromagnetic waves on sleep

    For more than twenty years, the field of telecommunications knows a remarkable boom which leads us daily, to the permanent use of laptops, mobile phones and other tablets and materials using WiFi technology...

  • Feng Shui and sleep

    Feng shui invites itself in our bedroom

    Born in ancient China, feng shui is a philosophy based on the magnetic field of yin and yang. This ancestral belief, even though it has not yet been validated, seems to interest more and more science...

  • The role of darkness in sleep.

    The role of darkness in sleep.

    Natural or artificial, light, which allows us to see or distinguish objects and other forms, usually comes from many sources. Natural light is mainly diffused by the sun...

  • The various phases of the sleep