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  • organic cotton pillow.
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  • Pillow from a French manufacture.

Organic Cotton 60x60 natural latex pillow, 8, 10, 12 or 14 cm thick.

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Organic cotton pillow, 60x60, in 100% natural latex. Thickness of choice: 8, 10, 12 or 14 cm. Naturally anti-mite and hypoallergenic. Machine washable. French made. 5 years warranty.

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Organic cotton 100% natural latex pillow 60x60



To enjoy a quality sleep and be in good shape during the day, it is better to choose your pillow. For this, the 100% natural latex pillow will delight you. Indeed, this high-end pillow has been specially designed to bring you the greatest comfort possible and to allow you to find a restful sleep. French made, this latex pillow will fill you.


In addition, these natural latex pillows are made from carefully selected materials. Ideal for sensitive people. Similarly, for those with allergic reactions to dust mites, this latex pillow is for you because it is hypoallergenic and hypoallergenic. In addition, you will enjoy a perfect air circulation during your sleep, thanks to the very good ventilation capacity of the organic pillow and the use of natural latex. What to find a healthy sleep!


In order to offer you the best, the design of this 60x60 pillow has been painstakingly elaborated within a research workshop by specialized teams to create a high quality pillow. In addition, these organic pillows are products made in France to make you benefit from our know-how. Use a 100% natural latex pillow is recommended to avoid waking up with neck pain because the organic pillow ensures better support of your neck and your spine. You will rediscover, on waking, this feeling of well-being thanks to natural latex.


Regarding the firmness of your pillow, several possibilities are available to you. To find the most suitable solution, rely on the position of your body in the sleep phase. So, if you sleep on your back, prefer a firm pillow that gives an ideal support. Moreover, for people who are used to sleeping on the side, a medium pillow (10-12 cm) will be perfect. Finally, for those who fall asleep on their stomachs, opt for a thin pillow (8 cm).


To facilitate the maintenance of your pillow, it can be machine washed. In order to dry it properly, we recommend you to put it in the dryer and so it will find its original softness. The washing and drying tests were carried out in a laundromat at moderate temperature.


Our products are made exclusively in France in our workshops.


8 years warranty.


We remain available for any further information at the following address:


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