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At what age are sleep needs greatest?

Published : 2020-09-09 17:17:40
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All you need to know about sleep according to age :

Everything agrees that the quality of sleep decreases with age. In fact, it's not uncommon for men and women in their 60s to complain about their lack of rest. Adolescents, on the other hand, manage to sleep more than 8 hours a day. However, the variation in the amount of sleepiness can be a concern for sleepers. Rest assured, it is not necessarily important to sleep several hours at certain ages. Finally, find out the answers to your questions about the age at which rest is most important.  

Why do we want to sleep?

It is a natural process of the human body triggered by two forces. On the one hand, it is possible to evoke a neurobiological system. In fact, every organism has an internal clock called the Circadian clock. At night, this clock stimulates the production of two hormones called melatonin and cortisol. Thanks to the secretion of these two hormones, the eyes begin to become heavy in contact with darkness. Instead, a wake-up signal is sent to the brain during the day to prevent drowsiness. It should be noted that several cases can desynchronize the clock. On the other hand, the need to sleep also results from fatigue. For example, the person may have spent several hours asleep or awake. The principle is called homeostatic pressure.

Which age group needs to sleep the most?

Rest plays an important role in the development of the body. Children therefore have a greater need for sleep than adults or older people. To develop well, a baby under three months of age needs to sleep an average of 17 hours a day. For your information, the natural rhythm of falling asleep begins to take place gradually 1 month after birth. After this period, the newborn will be able to recognise day and evening. Infants will have to go to bed between 12 and 15 hours a day. It is good to know that the frequency of breaks is not counted in the necessary number of hours. Rest hours tend to vary after school age. Indeed, children gradually begin to learn about extracurricular activities. This tends to reduce the small daily naps. Adolescents' access to new technologies can also affect the amount of money they have. Moreover, several medical data remain impassive on the subject.

Why do adults sleep less than children?

Adults also need a certain number of hours of narcosis. As a general rule, they will need to sleep between 6 and 8 hours just like the elderly. However, several factors influence their lack of rest. Regular alcohol consumption in adulthood can be mentioned. However, daily sports activities will help to increase the time of numbness. Indeed, muscular fatigue will help to quickly reach the slow and deep sleep phase. It should be noted that age will influence the sleep cycle. For their part, older people are confronted with ageing problems during the hibernation process. This implies that they will find it more difficult to reach deep sleep, just like children. However, they will be able to compensate for this deficiency by taking naps for a few minutes.

The consequences

Newborns are the most vulnerable to a lack of rest. In fact, there is a risk of a slowdown in their development. This is largely due to poor circulation of the growth hormone. However, growth hormone is the main factor responsible for the production of cell tissue. Sleeping for a long time also plays an important role in the learning and concentration process. With the right amount of sleep, children will be more vivacious on a daily basis. Moreover, they will also be more concentrated and alert. Obesity and depression are also considered a risk factor after a deficiency has been observed. Moreover, the threat of injury is higher in cases of lack of inertia. The reason is that sleeping at night allows the muscle tissue to regenerate more quickly.

Use the right pillow to sleep better

The sleep quality can be improved with the use of a suitable accessory. In fact, consumers tend to neglect the impact of the pillow on a sleeper. In practice, the pillow will help to support the cervical vertebrae, apart from its contribution to comfort. It will thus provide optimal alignment of the spine. To this end, it will become easier to prevent the risk of torticollis. To sleep well, it is advisable to adopt a model designed with an organic material such as latex. The material offers many advantages for the sleeper. First of all, latex is antibacterial. Secondly, the pillow is ideal for sleepers who tend to sweat when they rest. The accessory can be 8 to 14 cm thick to ensure a soft and gentle fit.

How to help children sleep better?

To sleep better, a favourable environment should be created in the bedroom. For example, infants are more vulnerable to outside noise. Parents should therefore carry out insulation work in the children's room. The purpose of insulation is to soundproof the room against noise pollution. The installation of a blackout curtain will also make it possible to gradually synchronise the time of numbness. In fact, it will become easier to reconfigure the bio-clock by playing with the sunlight. Another solution is to take the children for a walk in the open air. The use of technological devices should also be limited, especially for teenagers. Indeed, the use of tablets or smartphones on the bed can affect the quality and quantity of the sum. Furthermore, parents should choose carefully the food to be served for the meal. For information, foods rich in tryptophan improve serotonin production. For example, dairy products.  

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