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Baby sleep

Published : 2019-04-05 08:27:43
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The sleep of young children.


Baby sleep     



Unlike a teenager or an adult, a newborn does not have a sleep pattern, it does not make the difference between day and night. His sleep is divided into periods of 3-4 hours averaging 16 hours per day. This total duration is not a generality, some babies sleep around 20 hours while 14 hours will suffice for others. he only wakes up to satisfy basic needs such as to satisfy his hunger. Although his sleep periods are fragmented, they tend to be longer at the end of the day.



From 1 to 6 months, baby sleep will evolve considerably, organize, the different stages that characterize the sleep of adults will appear (this is a generality that may take longer in some subjects).

At about 1 month, the day / night periodicity appears with longer periods of awakening and sleep, the newborn can sleep for 6 consecutive hours without waking up; from 3 to 6 months, this period will be 9 hours; from 6 months to 1 year, it will be from 10 to 12h.



The respect of the regularity in the hour of the meals, the hours of stroll and exchange with the entourage, the alternation of the rhythm day / night, respect of the time of the nap and the bedtime will be factors which go help young children to "make their night". The evening bath can also help set up the day / night routine.



The more the child grows up, the better the quality of his sleep, and as a result, his duration will decrease. His sleep will become more peaceful because during his firsts it is not surprising that he is agitated.



For comfort, a baby should sleep on a firm mattress and on the back. A room at 20-21 ° C is ideal to promote a good sleep. Like heavy blankets, pillows strongly discouraged for newborns until the age of two. For young children, we advise you to opt for a soft pillow that will not raise your head too much.



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