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How to boost our immune system naturally?

Published : 2020-04-06 19:13:50
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How to boost our immune system naturally?


The Corona virus appeared towards the end of 2019. Until now, there is no cure for people with this virus. However, we can prevent this pandemic by strengthening our immune system. The immune system defends our body against external aggressions. When you are healthy, you can resist seasonal flu, rum or viruses.



How our immune system works


Remember that our health depends on the proper functioning of our immune system. The latter is defined by deficiencies, waste, toxins, the acidity of our visceral liquids. Therefore, if your physiological condition is excellent, you do not risk anything.



Tips for naturally strengthening our immune defense


Know that there are different ways that allow you to strengthen your immune system.– Probiotics: it stimulates our immune system and strengthens the defenses and the integrity of the various cells of the intestine. It is available at all pharmacies and organic stores. If out of fear, you do not want to leave your home, we advise you to consume lactofermented foods such as cheese, yogurt and others.– Vitamin D: this is an important element for ensuring the proper functioning of our body. No need to go to the pharmacy to find vitamin D. Indeed, exposure to the sun promotes the production of natural vitamin D. However, if you buy vitamin platelets, it would be better to seek the advice of a expert. The amount of vitamin D you need to take depends on your bone deficiency. - Echinacea: it is a small plant that is known for its stimulating properties. It strengthens the natural defenses of humans. It can be used for preventive and curative use. If, for example, you have diabetes, you must absolutely seek the advice of a doctor. . They help us to fight against fatigue and psychological stress. Regular consumption will help you fight epidemics. However, it would be better to consult the advice of a doctor.– Vitamin C: it is intended for curative use. Vitamin C deficiency can weaken the immune system. Note that vitamin C is not synthesized by the body. You must therefore consume products rich in vitamin C. - Propolis: it is a coating widely used by bees to strengthen its hive. They also use it to fight microbial or fungal invasions. Propolis has the same effect on the human body. It strengthens and protects our body against bacteria and viruses.– Grapefruit seed extracts: it is a very effective solution to fight against bacteria and viruses.



Adopt healthy habits


Aside from the various medicinal solutions, you can boost your immune system by improving your sleep, since a good night's sleep can strengthen your body. What to do to sleep well - The choice of pillows: after various tests, it has been proven that 100% natural latex pillows from Escot help you sleep better. It is made using 100% organic natural fiber. It is an essential accessory to sleep well. Every night, this pillow will keep your spine straight. This will save you neck pain. Be aware that Escot 100% natural latex pillows are available in stores and online stores at a very affordable price. Nothing like a soft pillow to sleep better.


How to boost the immune system        

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