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How to sleep well when working at night

Published : 2018-12-23 08:47:40
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Night work: some tips to sleep well and recover



Men are scheduled to live the day and sleep during the night. However, many professions force us to adopt the opposite rhythm, harming our physiology.
Here are some tips to better manage this atypical sleep cycle.



Adaptation to offset rhythm:


Before his work:
Night workers must expose themselves to light before taking their workstation to send awakening signals to their biological clock.
Exercising before going to work helps keep the body awake.
At work :
It is important to expose yourself to maximum lighting.
At the end of the work:
In the morning or on the way back, you have to protect yourself from the intense light by wearing sunglasses.
Arriving at home, a cool shower helps lower body temperature and easy slumber.
Do not put the alarm clock and protect as much as possible his sleep: make the darkness in the room (close shutters, curtains and possibly put on a night mask). Of course, the phone must be unplugged and other occupants of the house must be quiet to respect your sleep. Wearing earplugs is also recommended.
In the afternoon, a nap ideally completes the morning rest, although it is less recuperative than a night. Night work induces a sleep deprivation, the nap can overcome this lack of sleep. A nap from one hour to one and a half hours makes it possible to fill the sleep deficit of night workers.
On rest days, it would be ideal to maintain a rhythm of life similar to that of work so as not to upset its internal clock. However, family life rarely allows it.



Good recovery = good bedding:


Choosing a good mattress is an important step towards a restful night.
A latex mattress provides great comfort. It should be known that the latex is elastic in a natural way. It is deformed in time but without losing its qualities so far, unlike polyurethane foam.
Latex is used to fill mattresses but is also an ideal padding for pillows.
A natural latex pillow has four great qualities that are significant assets for night workers, unlike a traditional pillow.
Inflating: The latex has swelling properties that are particularly suitable for people sleeping on the side.
Comfort: The latex is the ideal component for a pillow because it brings a great comfort and a softness unequaled.
Durability: The latex, derived from rubber, is very resistant. However, it is advisable to regularly return the latex pillow to increase its longevity.
Ventilation: The latex is, most often, micro perforated, property that slows down perspiration. This pillow is therefore more hygienic.
However, all-latex pillows are extremely rare. Also, to obtain a durable and natural pillow, it is recommended to opt for a 50% natural and 50% synthetic model.



Role of food:


To avoid weight gain, which is often associated with night work, some recommendations should be followed.
Having meals at fixed times makes it possible to keep points of reference indispensable to the internal clock, destabilized by this rhythm of the inverted sleep.
The pre-work dinner should be more than a normal meal. It must include vegetables, meat or fish and carbohydrates (with low glycemic index) to provide energy throughout the duration of the work.
Be sure to drink water regularly during the night.
Around 3 or 4 o'clock, a snack consisting of an egg, cheese or slice of ham promotes the secretion of dopamine, the neurotransmitter of awakening. Avoid sweets that quickly raise blood sugar and cause a slack.
Avoid exciting drinks 5 hours before bed, at least.
When returning home, consume a more frugal breakfast than ordinarily.

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