Secure payment:



The different payment methods available:


- Payment by credit card via Crédit Mutuel / CIC

- Paypal

- Bank transfer



Payment by credit card:


It allows you to settle your order by CB in a secure way, it is the most used means of payment, the fastest and it allows us to take into account your order immediately. A partnership with our bank, Crédit Mutuel, allows us to offer you this service.

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Paypal, online payment professionals, remains a way to settle and strong in their experience, they accept today the vast majority of bank cards. When finalizing the order, if you choose this payment option that does not generate fees for you, you will be redirected to their website. Registration on Paypal is optional, you can pay for your purchase without having to create an account.

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Bank transfer to the order:


All our bank details necessary for this method of payment appear on the last page when you finalize your order, if necessary, we can send them to you again.





If you want more information about our methods of payment, do not hesitate to contact us.

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