Natural latex



The latex is harvested by slight bleeding on the peripheral bark of the tree and is approximately 2 mm deep. Depending on the circumference of the tree, the notches will be the equivalent of half or a third of the diameter of the tree. These bleeding occur every 2 days and when all the bark is consumed (also called panel), we start the harvesting process on another side of the tree. Natural rubber can be harvested from a rubber tree for a period of about 30 years.


Following this harvest, the natural latex is transformed by the vulcanization process that will allow it to go from liquid to solid, and it is after this operation that the manufacture of your 100% natural latex pillow can to start.



The company LATEXCO which is our supplier is the only one to be able to propose a latex 100% natural, without latex of synthesis and it is this latex 100% natural which is used in the manufacture of the pillows that we propose to you.